Martyn Wilson

The State Of No Thought

Interview by Iain McNay -


Author of ‘Enlightenment – The Keys To Consciousness.’ Martyn only talks from his own experience. He was an ordinary guy with a normal life; family, work and all the usual stresses. He met Maria who was interested in spiritual enlightenment and at first he was very sceptical of her interest. He set out to disprove that such a thing existed and worked hard to find faults in her arguments. But then ‘the impossible happened’ and he actually started to wake up himself. He found a method that stilled his mind, and his thoughts would stop for few seconds. He persevered and in time those few seconds became a few minutes. He then found he could stop all uncontrolled thoughts and was in control of his mind. What had been his master became his servant. He talks us through his story and shares the method that he found worked for him as a meditation.

The Cynical Approach To Enlightenment

Interview by Nurit Oren -


From London and Budapest, Martyn Wilson and Nurit Oren have a heart-felt re-union of re-cognition and an exciting conversation about Martyn’s extraordinary and most unusual journey, finding enlightenment “accidently” while attempting to prove it doesn’t exist. Martyn is a spiritual life coach, a speaker and the author of “Enlightenment: The Keys to Consciousness” in which he shares his wisdom and findings – all based on his own experiences. Martyn offers to spiritual seekers a unique innocence and a refreshing flavor of untainted insights and perspectives as they have not been acquired through study and “hearsay”, but rather as a result of his own self-inquiry and experimentation with Truth. Martyn and Nurit met on the set of Conscious TV where they were interviewed by Iain McNay, an experience they cherish and speak about fondly.