Martyn Wilson

Enlightenment is a very simple concept that needs very few words to explain what it is to those who have already experienced it. In fact, If this book were to only ever be seen by those who have awakened, every page would be blank. Unfortunately the rest of the population requires a more detailed explanation with many more words. I have tried to keep the word count to a minimum whilst making sure to cover all of the important aspects of the subject before us. At around 35,000 words I have managed to keep the word count well below the average for a non-fiction title (50,000), but above William Shakespeare's Hamlet (30,557 words). Now thats an achievement! Not that I am comparing my work to that of William Shakespeare, although I will be raising some really important questions (to be or not be is not one of them) with the potential to offer life changing answers.


Enlightenment, the keys to consciousness is an account of my own personal experiences. It is my truth, my story. I'll explain exactly how my life completely changed and the steps that got me here.

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'You can spend

your entire life

trying to be at

one with everything,

or a single moment

realising that

you already are'.


Martyn Wilson


Book Reviews

Not to be missed! I like it when an author of a book about Enlightenment manages to break new ground. Martyn Wilson does it. This is one of the best books on the topic since the sublime LAZY MAN’S GUIDE TO ENLIGHTENMENT by THADDEUS GOLAS. If it’s not as profound as Shunryu Suzuki‘s masterpiece ZEN MIND, BEGINNER’S MIND, it packs a similar punch in a more “common-working-man” sort of way.


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Martyn gives a refreshing perspective to the understanding of enlightenment. I think the realisation that what I seek is already here and that there is no secret key to uncovering that means his tools give another level of understanding and a practical guide to allow me to find that inner peace. Thank you.


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Martyn speaks openly and honestly about his experiences. Explains things in a simple and practical way. Answers many of the questions I had and provides guidance on how to remove the layers that are preventing us from being ourselves: enlightened, at peace and experiencing the world in the now.


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Honest and fresh