Martyn Wilson





One to Ones


Weekend Intensives

Why would you want to meet me? I have nothing to teach you, nothing to give you, nothing to impart to you, and yet it is exactly that nothingness that you are seeking. It is the nothingness of Enlightenment that intrigues so many people and inspires them to want to know how they can have the same nothingness. Of course I can tell you about my experiences in the hope that something I might say will have some meaning to you on your own adventures into self discovery. Maybe, just maybe that nothingness will prove to be everything.


I was once told that if I wanted to be an aircraft pilot then the best thing to do would be to listen to other airline pilots. I would not last long in the air by taking advice from a ship's captain. The same holds true in every walk of life including Enlightenment. I am far from being a teacher, a guru, a sage or a leader, but I have walked in your shoes and I would like you to walk in mine. Better still, let's take our shoes off and walk together. Let me show you that what you are looking for is where you are looking from.

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'You can forgive

yourself for not

knowing something

that you didn't know

before you learned it.'


Martyn Wilson